Sizing Chart – The Wild Bambino

Sizing Chart

Hoodie Sizing Chart:
12-18m : 14.5in L x 13in W
18-24m : 15.75in L x 14in W
2-3T : 16.5in L x 14.5in W
3-4T : 17.25in L x 15in W
4-5T : 17.75in L x 15.75in W
5-6T : 18.5in L x 16.5in W
6-7 : 19.25in L x 16.75in W
Romper Size Chart:
12-18M Shoulder to crotch: 18in  / Width:12.5in
18-24M Shoulder to crotch: 19in / Width: 13.5in
2-3T Shoulder to crotch: 21in / Width: 14in
3-4T Shoulder to crotch: 22.5in / Width: 14.5in
Twirl Skirt Size Chart: